Tree planting and reforestation are among the substantive solutions to restore ecosystems, conserve biodiversity, and address climate change. These activities enrich human sustenance and well-being if done mindfully and correctly. Food security, health, livelihood, and safety are just among the interwoven benefits we can gain from mindfully greening our environment.

Nature restoration and recovery efforts already abound in the region. The ASEAN Green Initiative recognises the outstanding regeneration programmes and activities, set apart by a clear set of criteria and a rigorous selection process.

What does it take to be included in the ASEAN Green Initiative?

AGI nomination categories and selection criteria

To encourage greater engagement and participation in tree planting initiatives, no minimum number of trees is required for nomination. Tree planting initiatives can be nominated for any of the following categories:

Up to 100 trees planted
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101 up to 5,000 trees planted
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Over 5,000 trees planted
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All nominated tree planting programmes and activities shall be evaluated based on their ecological soundness, socio economic impact, sustainability, and compliance with governance and institutional mechanisms.