Aside from creating a better environment for the citizens of ASEAN, being part of the ASEAN Green Initiative (AGI) can open a lot of opportunities to participating individuals, communities, and organisations. Qualified tree planting activities will be documented and acknowledged as contributors to ecosystem restoration, combating desertification, halting land degradation, and curbing biodiversity loss in the ASEAN region.

The AGI awardees will be widely promoted by the ACB through the official AGI website, regional and international events, exhibitions, news releases, publications, and other communication platforms. Proponents of selected AGI-recognised projects may also be invited to international conferences and events to share their greening practices that may be replicated by other individuals, communities, and entities.

If you, your organisation, or anyone from your community deserves to be part of the AGI, we encourage you to nominate an ecologically sound and sustainable tree planting initiative NOW.